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Looking for a Positive, No-Force obedience training program?
Partnership In Performance

Inside this book you will find a completely new dog training method that will work for any breed, especially breeds that rebel against
traditional training methods.  Humane, efficient learning sequences designed to produce lasting retention of exercises with no
negative feelings on the part of the dog or handler.
The OPT Obedience Program is the ONLY dog training method that approaches the dog from a Communication standpoint.  Training
CONCEPTS that can be blended into UNITS that become Obedience, Conformation, Schutzhund, or any other type of controlled dog
performance that you desire.     
The idea of training without force is not new, nor is the use of food as a reinforcer a novel concept.  However, the use of food to
get first response and to get it off lead from LESSON ONE is not only new, but radically different from all current programs.
The  OPT starts out LESSON ONE doing OFF LEAD RECALLS and UTILITY GO-OUTS.  This can be done with ANY BREED at ANY AGE
from SIX WEEKS and up.  It is an excellent BONDING exercise and the foundation for all future obedience, breed, agility, rally,
tracking and schutzhund training.

See for yourself inside the
The German Shepherd Dog Handbook
The German Shepherd Dog handbook, while specific to the German Shepherd in several areas,
is an all-breed obedience and tracking book.  I use it as the handbook in all of my obedience classes.      
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Welcome to the home of the
Optimum Placement Technique (OPT)
a no-force Obedience Training Program
developed by Dr. Mary Belle Adelman
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Dr. Mary Belle Adelman is an AKC conformation, obedience, tracking, herding judge, NADOI approved for Novice, Open, Utility and a
past Schutzhund judge with a lifetime of animal training and over 36 years of training and showing in more formal areas. She has
over 200 degrees and titles including CH, UD, TD, HX, RE, Sch III, and agility titles, and has trained dogs for police, drugs, therapy,
search & rescue, and stage work. Humane training that maximizes a dog’s potential coupled with a strong bonding experience are
her major intents.
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